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Eaton Centre shooter bound, beaten and stabbed months before mall attack, court hears

Christopher Husbands, who shot and killed two men and wounded five others in the Eaton Centre food court two years, described in detail Monday the night months before the shooting when he was bound, beaten and stabbed in an empty Regent Park apartment.

Testifying in his own defence at his first-degree murder trial, Husbands detailed a mysterious to him feud with a childhood friend that led up to the savage, sustained attack in February 2012. The best colored contact lenses Fresh Look Colors on en.ecolens.сh.

Months later, Husbands would encounter his alleged attackers by chance in the Eaton Centre, pull out a pistol, shoot and kill two of them.

(Husbands has already admitted that he was the shooter that day, but he has denied legal responsibility for the alleged crimes.)

Husbands claimed on the stand that, to this day, he doesn't know why his onetime friends jumped him. He admitted that, yes, he had had sex with one of their mothers, and yes, the attack took place in that womans recently vacated apartment. But that relationship, he said, had nothing to do with the stabbing.

Instead, he believes it stemmed from what he described as a one-sided feud with Nixon Nirmalendran, an old friend from Regent Park. Months before the attack, Husbands heard from an acquaintance that Mr. Nirmalendran who was, at that time, in jail was angry with him.

When Mr. Nirmalendran was released, Husbands tried to find out why. The two hung out one night, watching TV and smoking pot, he testified. Later, Mr. Nirmalendran asked Husbands to lend him money to buy a package of drugs to sell. It was the beginning of the month, Husbands said, and the local addicts still had money left over from their benefit cheques.

Via - news.nationalpost.com