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NDP government would create new and improved gun registry 'without going overboard,' Mulcair says

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said Wednesday a New Democrat government would create a gun registry that would allow police to track every firearm in Canada.

Mulcair stopped short of saying that he wants to reconstitute the long-gun registry, which the Tories did away with in 2012. He said the registry, brought in by the previous Liberal government, was problematic.

There has to be a way to get this done to ensure public protection without going overboard, Mulcair said. you can try here

Farmers and hunters strenuously objected to the registry, but Mulcair says requiring firearms to be registered is no different than the obligation to register a car or license a dog. And he says duck hunters don't need assault rifles, unless they're planning to shoot a pterodactyl.

Mulcair made the comments after meeting with his caucus, and days before the 25th anniversary of the shooting at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. As well, the Commons has a new gun bill before it, C-42, that would loosen restrictions around transporting prohibited and restricted firearms, and give cabinet the final say over how guns are classified.

Mulcairs comments are likely to go over well in Quebec the main source of the NDPs seats in the Commons. That province is fighting to keep the data from the now-defunct federal registry so it can create a registry of its own.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau told reporters that his party had no interest in bringing back a long-gun registry. He said the government could do more around how guns are classified, and the proper review of people who buy a firearm.

Via - news.nationalpost.com